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“Using HOKO is like giving a Redbull to your app.
Our traffic metrics went through the roof!” Fj6gy445Ivan Bruel, creator of Hearthpedia

My app is already super cool,
so why should I care?

Why love

Create love at first sight

Drive installs directly from anywhere (web, emails, etc...) and personalise your users onboarding journey!

Why flame

Keep the flame alive

Re-engage users from any link to anywhere within your app, and empower them to share their experience with others

Why bridge

It's time to move together

Build a seamless experience across platforms and devices, and start creating smart connections with other apps. Some automated trading platforms can provide smooth experiences to their users and allow them to actively participate in cryptocurrency trading. One such platform is the bitcoin revolution. However, before getting started with the bitcoin revolution software, be sure to take the test to determine the legitimacy of the software.

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Email yourself a newsletter designed for an
iOS app

How does it work?

How searchdevice

HOKO recognizes which device is opening the link

How looksforapp

Looks for your app and opens it in a specific location

How fallback

If it’s not there, it goes to the app store or your site. You decide

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Integrate sdk

Is your app deep-linking-ready?

If it isn’t, you can integrate our open-source SDK. Otherwise, you’re ready to go!

Create link

Create your first smart link

You will be surprised by how easy it is to create one single link to all your platforms

Track engagement

Start tracking your engagement

See how your engagement and conversion rates grow in real-time. See where your users are, what do they do after clicking your links and even those who are sharing your content. Just as businesses track user behavior to optimize their strategies, the online gaming industry similarly leverages data to enhance user experiences. By analyzing player activity on platforms like 온라인 카지노 사이트, or online casino websites, operators can tailor their offerings to better meet the preferences and needs of their audience, ultimately leading to increased satisfaction and retention.

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“We’ve been incredibly impressed with HOKO. It has put us at the forefront of mobile engagement and experience techniques, and integration was painless” Ollie pictureOllie Bailey, CEO and Founder at Gymcatch

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HOKO is free for as long as you want