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Easily set up your apps for mobile search and deep linking. HOKO integrates the new standards of Google and Apple for deep linking in one place!

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Built to make developers' lives easier

HOKO works on top of Apple Universal Links and Android App Links standards, but also with all previous versions through our own deep linking service

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Get up and running in 20 min

Easy to integrate open source SDK that uses all the new deep linking standards

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A single platform for your app

Manage your iOS and Android deep links in a single place

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Flexible solution

Create web links that open your app, the app store, or anything you want. Even without having a website!

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Richer links for search indexation

HOKO metadata rich links allow your content to be indexed by Apple and Google

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See what you can do with HOKO's deep linking technology

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Engage your Clients Coupons & Discounts

Digital Coupons & Discounts are an excellent way of advertising on a low marketing budget. This marketing and sales hook, will enable you to sell more products and faster, besides promoting customer loyalty. On the other hand, it's also a great tool to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your app.

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Drive web traffic to your app Newsletters

Your newsletters drive to your mobile website instead of the app or, do they allow the app to open but, always on the homepage? These are common cases that destroy mobile experience. With HOKO's deep linking solution, you can easily solve these issues and drive your clients directly to a specific content. You'll also increase traffic, by redirecting web users to the app.

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Word of Mouth Marketing Referrals & Invites

Incentives work! Referrals and Invites help you not only to grow your traffic but also, get quality clients. Consumers are more willing to try or buy a product if recommended by someone on their network. Also, you can combine Referrals with Coupons, which will give you an even bigger boost on your sales.

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Increase Traffic Embed in Text Messages

SMS, iMessage, Messaging Apps... allow your users to share content through text channels, always delivering the best possible experience.

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Improve User Experience One-click Log In

Forgetting our log-in credentials happens all the time. Resetting our password or going through every e-mail account and password combination until we get it right it's fairly common.
On mobile is even more frustrating because it's harder to type due to screen and keyboard limitations. See how to solve these issues by using One-click Log In.

Learn more about One-click Log In
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Grow Reputation Share on Social Networks

By letting your users share amazing content through social networks, you can get immediate recognition and increase brand awareness. One simple share can reach thousands of users and, as so, drive traffic to your app.

Learn more about social sharing
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Another Communication Channel Push Notifications

Engage and retain your users with push notifications. Get advantage of this free channel and use it wisely. Connect with your users by sharing relevant (and direct) content, based on what you already know about them (downloads, share, products bought).

Learn more about push notifications
  • App icon gleam efd4d1d91ee8fefe1f94630aa41e7d9dc1a6723ed2f5b0d06700954efe2323d2

    Gleam uses HOKO links to drive users from their Newsletter to their App, where users spend 5x more time than on their mobile browser

  • App icon maily f01972301c958af1a469a35c45f4a4bdebfc746a13800780d5f4634ef2bb9911

    Maily uses HOKO links to trigger actions from transactional emails to their app, boosting their users efficiency and engagement

  • App icon gymcatch 81d7ec2bbfdc88e97d5af1a888ecc9fc2b0a1604a0c9d41132e63444dafea7ed

    Gymcatch uses HOKO links + QR codes to drive users to the appropriate app store depending on the opening device

  • App icon hearthpedia 68f98e1ce533b8c81012dfe03f9c3d582c1d18eb43561e5422727fbe1e500e05

    Hearthpedia increased traffic to their app by 65% by using HOKO links in their push notifications strategy

  • App icon zenmall 7db9a415bde8a0b4d8132bb9cfc37322a1f15d364c6803591449c96412ca7397

    ZenMall uses HOKO links to drive traffic from their newsletters, directly to the app. Users get immediately redirected to the product, collection, category or shop they've clicked in.

  • App icon zaps 009241cae4d46f46fd3e7a6e8228d6b105258c9c9c85f9912959341ee8a375b9

    ZAPS is all about video sharing. Videos can be shared with users, and non users, using HOKO's deep linking solution.

  • App icon happening 2e6202589d64559285c3ce69221e4ffd501aac7199850822ce066bba5cb7343a

    Happening , a social network for events, allows a proper customer experience in what regards content sharing, using HOKO links.

  • App icon quizling e340a4a6629503d97186b51c230b62624d1186d8380f397428102c4badfdbc77

    Quizling is an education app that is designed for the teacher, the student and the classroom

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Go beyond what Apple and Google can offer

Upgrade your links with deferred deep linking and metadata passing

Deep link through app install, and send users directly to relevant content within your app with our finger print technology

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Pass information through links (and install) so you can: Trigger actions in app, do personalized onboarding experiences, and even offer credits to users.

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Millions of users got a better experience already

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Attribution. Know your incoming traffic

Track the performance of every link you and your users share

HOKO dashboard gives you real time information on how your links are performing. How many clicks they generate, where are they being shared, and how many installs they drive.

Hoko dashboard alt c8ff92d8f363baaa960162e1991872d09b073a0f9415984cc9bb31b5232f9036
  • "Hokolinks helped us get our cross-platform links work in a very smooth way across Android, iOS and Webplay. Their support team has been very responsive and integrating HOKO has helped us collect some invaluable data regarding our audience and the origin of the clicks on HOKO’s smart links." Amir picture 2037214aa68d4b2f5f36401fa2cf1f45e99b327e07079bc7e5b645a5b2940e0b Amir Hadad, CTO at Quizling
  • "HOKO links are the framework that ties together Happening's social network for events. HOKO enables our users to share event content with their friends, while also converting downloads if someone does not have Happening installed already. It's brilliant!" Max picture 5fe6450b5f42348fe7a036e6f4b3732b6a0db2ff03223f5046eb20691b781dcf Max Friedman, CEO and Founder at Happening
  • "We’ve been incredibly impressed with HOKO. It has put us at the forefront of mobile engagement and experience techniques, and integration was painless" Ollie picture 469d6ac6a6e34e1c5379d8ec8a897a508acb3a2ee40e8c634dd6a7467bcfca74 Ollie Bailey, CEO and Founder at Gymcatch

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