HOKO, free deep links for your apps

Sorry, we are closed.

Three years ago we embarked in a journey to create a free and more open mobile deep linking for the world. At that time, there were just a few expensive and/or unreliable services available in the market, so we wanted to do something about it.

It was not an easy and cheap endeavour, as we had to deal with constant updates by Google and Apple to their operating systems. They seem to enjoy doing it for the sake of it, because their software didn't evolve that much to be honest!

Anyway, today we are in a whole different world. There are several mobile deep linking options to choose from, and both Google and Apple have managed to include that technology as part of their operating systems. Even if they are still lacking some advanced functionalities, they seem willing to catch up.

So now it's time for Hokolinks to say goodbye. We really enjoyed working alongside many of you, and seeing you develop amazing apps. Thank you for trusting in us.

If you ever need something, you can drop me a message to my personal email at elfigax@gmail.com

Good luck in all your endeavours!

Joaquin, on behalf of the whole Hokolinks team.