Use smart links for the best possible mobile experience.

HOKO allows you to create smart links that drive traffic to your app

Mobile deep linking solution out of the box

Save development time by integrating our SDK in less than 20 minutes.

Smart links that open in every device and cross-platforms

Smart links redirect mobile user to the best available web or mobile experience, dragging along the relevant content - even if the implies going through the app store in between.

Track your users even before they get into your app

Understand your online traffic and know which links are converting better.

The power of smart links

Email - connect the 65%

65% of emails are opened on a mobile device. With HOKO, your newsletter, or simply any other link, can now send mobile viewers straight to the correct section of your app and desktop viewers to the web.

Bridge the browser

Remove unnecessary steps from navigation. From browser to native app, ensure your customers are directed straight to your app - and are presented with the product they want to see, the way they should see it.

Advert to product

Increase your campaign efficiency and conversion by contextually linking the product/service the user clicked on the ad, showing it directly (instead of the home screen) the first time the app is opened after installing it

Trigger actions

Increase the value of your emails or notifications. Drive traffic straight to the relevant content within your app - and perform automatic actions, such as automatically giving credit to a returning user

How it works

HOKO recognizes which device is opening the link

Looks for your app and opens it in a specific location

If it’s not there, it goes to the app store or your site

Use cases

Increase article views by up to 5x

Gleam uses HOKO links to drive users from their Newsletter to their App, where users spend 5x more time than on their mobile browser

Gleam for iOS and Android

Let your users be even more productive

Maily uses HOKO links to trigger actions from transactional emails to their app, boosting their users efficiency and engagement

Maily for iOS and Android

One link driving all your app installs

Gymcatch uses HOKO links + QR codes to drive users to the appropriate app store depending on the opening device

Gymcatch for iOS and Android

Bring users back to your app again

Hearthpedia increased traffic to their app by 65% by using HOKO links in their push notifications strategy

Hearthpedia for iOS and Android

Millions of users got a better experience already

Start giving yours a better one