An easy guide to boost app engagement with personalized customer journeys

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Creating a great app requires a lot of time, focus and money; then finally the anticipated day is here and the app comes into life after the App Store (and Play Store) publishes it: users start installing and engaging with it, and you are on your way for the next billion dollar success, yeah! ... Wait, soon you realize that those are not the huge growth rates you were expecting; “many people found my app, some of them installed it, but only a few of them are using it on a regular basis, WTF!”

Unfortunately, it’s usually late when we realize that building the perfect app is just the first part of a two-halves game. A huge obstacle app owners need to overcome is getting users to install the app, but an even bigger challenge is making users come back after the first use. Do you want to know how can you nail this second half with the latest technologies and strategies available?

Personalization might be the answer. As Adobe has found, it’s the #1 drive of repeated use of applications. This effect leads to the higher conversion rates that you have always dreamt of. If you think your app doesn’t have room for personalization, we challenge you to try one of these two methods:

1. First Impression

Deferred deep linking allows you to connect the context that triggered a user to install your app with a kick-ass landing experience. A real life example could be: If the user arrived to your music app after clicking on your banner that showed/played a song, take the user directly to that song within your app.

With deferred deep linking, you can bypass the black box of the App Store, giving a far better experience to your new users. Use it to reduce the friction of onboarding, so more users will activate and grow into high lifetime value users for your app.

2. Re-engagement

Did you know that more than 80% of mobile apps are used only once and then abandoned forever? Move out of this group by creating personalized re-engagement experiences. If your newsletter features the best offers in your booking app, provide deep links to them, so that users can jump and inspect them with just a click. You can even add a product to your app’s cart; directly from the newsletter or SMS!

With deep links, you can connect any link with a specific place and action within your app. Users will see direct value in this seamless experience and open up for new re-engagements because they see how much they can get out of your app.

Try this iOS demo app to see some of these examples in action.

Why is personalization so effective?

People use apps with specific intentions, and any step and interaction that doesn’t support their goals is creating friction; friction that translates into abandonment. Using deep linking not only let you create more relevant connections, but it can actually skip a few steps and bring users straight into what they want. It’s just natural that users appreciate personalization when it makes their life easier.

To create your first deep link, sign-up for the “free forever” program that HOKO is offering, and see the results yourself!


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