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HOKO has taken all the great mobile deep linking standards and technologies, and made them easily accessible for all iOS and Android apps. And today, HOKO was posted on Product Hunt.

This is the first worldwide exposure our team is facing, and we want to make the most out of it - with your help.

Join us on Product Hunt!

You know already how good HOKO’s deep linking platform is, and you probably have some ideas about how to make it even better. Now, there is the best chance to let yourself be heard: HOKO is featured on Product Hunt.

Please, share your ideas, comments and feedback there:

Spread the word!

If you are not familiar with Product Hunt you can help by telling your friends about our launch.

Please share our tweet and help HOKO reaching mobile developers around the world:

What is Product Hunt?

Product Hunt is a site that unearths the best 30-50 new products each day so its community can discuss and geek out about the latest tech creations. HOKO is one of them today, and we want to have you there – because you know our product in and out!

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