Mobile deep linking 101: what is mobile deep linking?

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You probably use a dozen apps on your phone regularly, and these send you emails, every once in a while. Correct? Yet, when you open a link to a tweet from these emails, it takes you to a web browser! Come on, I have the beautiful Twitter app installed in my smartphone, and you take me to a sh…y webpage? It’s just horrible, and we all have been there.

What is mobile deep linking?

The technology that fixes this issue is mobile deep linking. When clicked upon, a mobile deep link brings the user into a specific place or action within a native app, bypassing the starting page. Let’s go back to the previous example. If the newsletter had offered such a link, it would bring you within the app – given that you clicked on in it on a smartphone.

The new generation of mobile deep linking is capable of even more. Smart links, which you can generate with our platform, take you into different paths depending on the environment where you opened them. If you open a smart link on web, it will lead you to a website. If you open it on mobile, it will lead you to a specific section within an app - even if the app has to be installed first.

How does it work?

You may see the smart link in an email, a chat message, another app or a blog post, it will always lead you to its content in the most comfortable way.

See it for yourself

Click on the image, and go directly to The Ride soundtrack in the iOS test app.

Give it a try

If you want to give a try, we won’t ask for any money or credit card details. Register here for HOKO, make your app deep-link-ready in 20 minutes and enjoy the results!

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Joaquin Figaredo

Co-founder & CEO of HOKO

Joaquin Figaredo - Co-founder & CEO of HOKO