Use Cases

In this section, we will highlight some use cases that you can fully implement in your app to enhance your user experience.

Coupons / Discounts

One way to take advantage of HOKO is by embedding your own coupons or discounts on your links. To do this, start by creating a new smart link and adding a new metadata entry to it, like the following:

  "coupon": "save20",
  "value": "20"

After doing that, your link is fully ready to transmit metadata to your users. The following code shows how you can put this into practice with a very simple and straightforward example that explains how you can decode and access the coupon’s data and log a simple message to the console with the information you want:

// First you need to use the @DeeplinkRoute annotation in your Activities that
// will tell the SDK which Activity should be started when a deep link,
// that matches the route given in the parameters, is opened.
// In this case, we will use "product/:product_id".
public class MyProductActivity extends Activity {
    // This variable will automatically receive the deep link's
    // metadata when a smart link is opened.
    public JSONObject metadata;
    protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
        // We need to check whether this Activity was started via a HOKO smart
        // link or manually. To do that, we call the 'inject()' method.
        // If that returns false, it means that this Activity was
        // not called through a smart link.
        if (!Hoko.deeplinking().inject(this)) {
            // Your code here to process the Activity
        } else {
            // This block of code will _only_ be executed if a smart link
            // was opened.
            // We will check if the deep link contains any metadata
            if (this.metadata != null) {
                // Get the coupon name from the metadata
                String couponName = metadata.optString("coupon");
                // Get coupon discount from the metadata
                double couponDiscount = metadata.optDouble("value");
                // We assume that if we can retrieve the coupon name
                // from the deep link's metadata, there's a real
                // coupon available
                if (couponName != null) {
                        "Successfully redeemed the coupon '"
                                  + couponName
                                  + "' and received a discount of $"
                                  + couponDiscount
            // Your code here to process the Activity, whether there
            // was a coupon in the deep link's metadata or not

Demo app using coupons →