• Frequently asked questions

      Which platforms does HOKO support? What type of metrics/data can i get from HOKO? What about privacy? ...

    • What is HOKO?

      HOKO is a deep linking management platform + open source SDK for apps, coupled with an advance tracking dashboard to monitor the performance of every link you share.

    Deep linking

    • What is mobile deep linking?

      Mobile deep linking is the ability to bring a user into a specific place or action within a native app, bypassing the homepage.

    • Is my app ready to deep link?

      Any app is ready for deep linking, and actually every app in the world will end up using this technology at some point. Now it’s a great time for you to ...

    • What is a deferred deep link?

      HOKO deferred deep linking feature is a proprietary technology that allows apps to send users to a specific section within your app, but with the unique characteristic of working also for users that don't have the app installed yet bypassing ...

    Smart links

    • What is a smart link?

      A smart link is the most important deep linking real application, and the reason why it is important to build a powerful platform supporting them.

    • How to create a smart link?

      Creating a smart link involves setting up a set of rules that define what happens in each environment.

    • What are the advantages of using our smart links?

      Smart links allow you to design flexible user experiences without having to worry about the fact that users will open their links across different devices, platforms, and contexts.