One Click Login

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Take your app’s log-in form to the next level by letting your users sign in with a single tap of a button, avoiding complex passwords typing or password resets requests.

After tapping on the button the user will receive an email with an embedded smart link. Tapping on the email’s link, will take the user back to the app and loggin him in. For this to work, your app and your backend must integrate HOKO. Let’s start with your app.

The user will enter his email and will tap on the Send Magic Link button. This will request your server to send an email to the user’s account containing a lazy smart link with the user’s authentication token, e.g.

How One Click Login UX works

Once the user opens the email and taps on the lazy smart link, it is going to request the generation of a smart link that will in fact redirect the user to your app.

Authenticating the token

For the application itself, all we need to do is map a login/:auth_token route that calls a method that is going to forward the authorization token to the backend to be validated.

public class AuthTokenLoginActivity extends Activity {
  // Inject the auth. token in the deep link into this variable
  private String mAuthToken;
  protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
    setContentView(R.layout.auth_token_login_view); // your view ID here
    if (!Hoko.deeplinking().inject(this)) {
      // If you manually launched this activity
    } else {
      // Validates the authentication token in the backend
      LoginHelper.validateWithToken(mAuthToken, onSuccess);
  protected void onSuccess() {
    // Set's the user access token
    _GLOBAL_AUTH_TOKEN = mAuthToken
    // Display the right activity

If the response is positive, we can login the user and present the appropriate view. We are also going to save the current authorization token to be used on future requests.

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