Getting started

    Disclaimer: These integrations are unofficial plugins developed by HOKO. HOKO has no commercial/contractual link to these companies and is not responsible for any charges or contractual issues. Before activating a third-party integration you should be aware of the pricing and contractual implications of having data, also known as events or data points, pushed to your integrated account.

    Integrations are a great way to connect HOKO with third-party solutions. Take advantage of external tools to further explore the data generated by your smart links.

    Use case for third-party integrations to segment and attribute HOKO data by different parameters (e.g. platforms, OS versions, countries, event types), using analytics and marketing services that are specialized in that matter like Mixpanel, Kissmetrics, Google Analytics.

    Mixpanel segmentation

    We’ll asynchronously send every event that occurs in our system to each activated integration. Currently we have events for:

    • Clicks – when a user clicks a smart link
    • Opens – when a user ends up opening the app after clicking the smart link
    • Installs – when the user installs your app
    • Deferrers – when the user is taken through the app store to install your app

    You will find these events as they occur in your third-party solution. We are working on further integrations as time goes by, so keep checking the integrations page for new additions.

    List of integrations