Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a freemium web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website and mobile apps traffic. You should use a Google Analytics for Mobile Apps account and thei SDK, available for iOS and Android, to track your app’s usage.

HOKO data are sent to Google Analytics in real-time (from milliseconds to a couple of seconds) where you can then use Google Analytics’s Dashboard to perform business analytics operations such as segmentation and attribution. However, Google may take 12 to 24h to process HOKO data.


If you are including Google Analytics for iOS in your App, you are going to see Google Analytics related data, such as screen sizes, devices, which views were open and other.

However, what you are not going to see is data related with HOKO. After activating this integration, HOKO data are processed and sent to the Events section of your Google Analytics’ Dashboard.

Here, you will find the events triggered by your smart links, i.e., which smart links were clicked, opened or deferred and which ones led to installs. You will also find which mobile deep link routes were followed by the smart links.

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