• Coupons

      E-commerce and deals applications can take advantage of HOKO by embedding coupons or discounts in their links.

    • Newsletters

      Re-engage with your users with smart newsletters.

    • Referrals

      Inviting or referring someone to use your app is the best way to increase installs and HOKO can definitely help you with that.

    • Share on Social Networks

      Sharing your app content on social media (such as Twitter or Facebook) helps you to find new customers, expand audience and increase brand awareness.

    • Mobile Ads

      HOKO works perfectly as both reengagement and acquisition campaigns due to the nature of how smart links work (with and without the app installed).

    • Push Notifications

      Another way of using HOKO smart links inside your app is to send them via your push notifications. In this guide, we will show you how to do it with Parse and Mixpanel.

    • Embed in Text Messages

      Besides sharing content on social networks, your users can also do it through text messages (regular sms or chat messaging).

    • Link to Other Apps

      Linking to other apps, commonly known as Outbound Traffic, is the flux of users that exit your app to another app or website to perform some action or just to continue your business workflow.

    • One Click Login

      Nowadays, most modern apps and APIs use some sort of OAuth or another token-based login session. With HOKO you can leverage it to the next level.