What is a template?

    The purpose of a template is to ease the creation of smart links by automatically setting up the rules of links that follow a URL pattern.

    For example, let’s imagine that your app has a product view section. You will need several deep link URLs such as the following:


    At the same time, you want your web platform, e.g. an e-commerce website, acting as a fallback by using this web URL:


    As you can see, there is a pattern in the both of these URLs: products/ followed by an id.

    In addition, you want have the same set of rules and fallbacks for URLs that follow this pattern but have a different id.

    Templates are here to ease these common situations. A template is nothing else than a set of rules that are grouped together because they share a common configuration. Hence, it saves time when you manually create smart links using the dashboard or through our API.

    How to configure a template →