Why do I need a subdomain?

    When you are creating an app, you will need to choose a unique subdomain name. This is necessary because behind the scenes we perform a series of operations to enclose the smart links and configuration files that concern each app.

    This segmentation allows us to individually generate, host and authenticate the necessary configuration files for each app and enable the underlying Apple’s Universal Links and Google’s App Links mechanisms.

    Furthermore, subdomains provides you with a small branding label on every smart link that you generate, e.g. http://black-is-the-new-app.hoko.link/TCw1RoX. With this branding your readers will quickly identify your company and thus have a more personalized experience.

    At any time you can change your subdomain to something else by entering the Settings section of the Dashboard and choose a new name. This takes effect immediately and your next smart links will contain the new name automatically.

    You can take this customization further and completely re-brand your smart links with your own domain name, e.g. http://myapp.link/TCw1RoX.

    Re-brand your smart links with a custom domain →

    Name requirements

    For a subdomain name to be valid, it needs to follow a series of rules:

    1. Must have between 1 and 20 characters

    2. Can contain letters, numbers, hyphens and underscores, e.g. black_app-01

    3. Must not begin or end with a hyphen or underscore

    4. Must not contain consecutive hyphens or underscores, e.g. black___app (it’s ugly)