What is HOKO?

    HOKO is a full deep linking solution for iOS, Android and web apps in a single platform. We have committed to simplifying developers’ life, and to do so, we have taken away the pain of building your own deep linking technology from scratch and we provide you a smarter deep linking solution so you can focus on building great app features and better UX.

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    Furthermore, our lightweight SDK allows you to skip the tedious job of configuring Apple and Google’s new mobile deep link standards. Last but not least, HOKO also offers a simple tracking dashboard, which gives you a way to monitor the performance of all deep links driving your incoming traffic.

    How do I get started?

    The integration process is as easy as peeling a banana! We have spent half of our time building the best deep linking platform for you, and the other half making sure that it was extremely simple to use.

    1. First sign in to our dashboard.

    2. Let our wizard guide you through the process.

    It shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes until you can create your first smart deep link. Ok, maybe it takes a little longer than peeling a banana. :)