Frequently asked questions

Which platforms does HOKO support?

Currently, HOKO supports iOS, Android, and Desktop Web applications. Yet we are also expanding our SDK to other frameworks, so if you are really looking forward to using HOKO let us know which framework you use!

What type of metrics can I get from HOKO?

After integration, you will be ready to track all your incoming traffic and measure the performance of all your smart links. The HOKO dashboard focuses on two set of metrics - installs (growth) and re-engagement (retention). You will have access to the following data:

  • Total number of opens,

  • Total number of unique clicks,

  • Total number of installs,

  • Total number of re-engagements,

  • Geographic and device information about the users,

  • Coming soon: we are building a tracking system that recognizes which users are generating and sharing your links; therefore you can get much closer to your advocates, and release the most powerful marketing channel of all. And do it without spending a penny!

You are able to inspect links individually, filter them by tags, and sort them by time, performance, and source/channel.

What about privacy?

The information that you store on HOKO remains completely private on our servers, and will never be shared with third-party entities. We will only use your information to help you build better strategies for your links, and better understand what tools perform better with your users. This will be essential to provide you with a good insight to drive up your traffic metrics; conversion and engagement rates.

What about security?

All information that runs through our servers is secured using SSL encryption, the same protocol used by your bank for home banking. All the information is stored on cloud AWS servers using state-of-the-art security mechanisms.

What if the user doesn’t have Internet connection?

If the user doesn’t have internet access on his mobile device, the smart link will act as any other link, suggesting the user that he must be connected to a network in order to call links. Regarding all the information being generated in your app, don’t worry, our open source SDK will store all the data and when the network connection is restored, it will send that data to your dashboard at HOKO.

Yes they can! After integrating our open source SDK, every time one of your users shares a link within your app, that link will be transformed into a smart link. Goodbye to lost traffic due to poor engagement experiences, and hello to the power of organic growth through referrals.

Can I add multiple apps to the same HOKO Dashboard?

Yes, you can! You can have as many apps as you want under the same account. Switching from one app to the other is easy and completely transparent to you. Every app that is added to HOKO has its own dashboard to analyze their to traffic and create custom smart links.

At this time, we have no plans to build a single dashboard for all your apps - but if it is something our users start asking for, we’ll definitely do it for you!

Will HOKO slow my app down?

Definitely not! We are here to make you faster, not to slow you down! HOKO simply keeps track of the smart links targeting your app and push notifications and sessions and their key events. Our open source SDK is extremely light and zero invasive for your app.