Setting up a custom domain

    The Branded Short Domain is the domain that takes the place of “” in a shortened URL. To start using a Branded Short Domain, follow these steps:

    1. Purchase the short domain you’d like to use. This domain can only be used for your shortened URLs*. We strongly recommend that you only use short domain names, e.g. 10 characters or less (including the dot).

    2. Tell HOKO about your domain. Sign in to your HOKO account, go to ‘settings’ from the left bar, and click on the ‘Setup custom domain’ button.

    3. Create a DNS record for your domain.

    You can add your Branded Short Domain in the text box provided. Note: you will need to verify your email address to take this step.

    The Domain Name System (DNS) is what allows a web browser to translate a domain to a website. You will need to tell DNS that your custom domain now should point to HOKO.

    The way you update DNS varies depending on your domain registrar, but should be something like this:

    1. Log into your domain registrar’s website.

    2. Select the short domain you want to modify.

    3. Find the section for managing DNS entries, or a similar phrase (“DNS Configuration,” “DNS Records”, “Advanced DNS,” “Total DNS”, “Host records,”…)

    4. For a Short Domain:

    Edit the existing A record for your site and change the IP address to If there is no existing A record, add a new one. The A record’s “host name” should be either the character @ or your base domain. You should only have one A Record. If you have more than one, remove all others and leave only the one pointing to HOKO’s IP.

    It can take up to 72 hours for domain changes to propagate. You’ll know the DNS has been set up correctly when you have the ability to default your short domain in your HOKO settings. When this feature is available, click on default to make sure all your links have your new brand.


    I’ve followed instructions but my custom domain still doesn’t work.

    Things to check:

    1. Have you waited up to 72 hours since you modified DNS? In some cases it can take that long before the DNS change fully takes effect.

    2. Log in to your registrar’s web site and confirm the A and/or CNAME records(s) you entered match the instructions above.

    3. Go to Settings -> Advanced and look in the “Branded Short Domain” section. Does the entry in the Custom domain field match the one you used?

    4. If none of these steps work: if you added or changed CNAME records, some registrars require that the CNAME value ends with a dot (.). Try changing the values of your CNAME records from to (note the trailing dot).